Thursday, January 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Boudoir Special - 2014!

KBP is once again offering a Valentine's Day Boudoir Special! These were a HIT last year, and spots filled up fast, so if you're interested, grab yours quickquickquick! If you're interested but just not sure, then this blog post is perfect for you. Check out the ad below and then read on, sexy lady! 

Shooting boudoir is SO MUCH FUN, but I don't do these very often at all, because the editing on each image is verrry extensive (I gotta make you look perfectgirrrrl!), plus I usually prefer to rent a hotel suite (as I'm doing for this special) because it adds elegance and a touch of mystery to these sessions...and the room is ready to go! 

As you can see, my boudoir clients choose a wide range of outfits/accessories to wear for their sessions...including pinup style, sexy lace, lovely matching bra/panties sets, simple and sweet nighties, their husband's work shirts and more!

Basically, boudoir sessions are tasteful, beautiful and a ton of fun! I don't shoot full nude, but rather a more classy, teasing style of implied photos featuring well put together outfits and lingerie (again, think: lacy black bra & panties set, your man's work shirt and tie with heels, etc..). And please...these are NOT just for size zeros, ladies! Boudoir sessions are perfect for women of all shapes and sizes, and being a curvy girl myself, I am well aware of the most flattering poses/angles and can even help you choose your outfits. 

The fully retouched images make a FANTASTIC Valentine's Day gift for your lovah-lovah (or if you're a 2014 bride, what a fun wedding gift for your honey!), but I promise you that YOU will love them just as much as your recipient will! What I love MOST about shooting these is that they show my clients just how sexy they really are. 

Some girls are even booking back to back sessions with their sister or best friend, and I'm giving a special incentive for that -- a complimentary 8x10 custom collage print! So if you're too nervous to go at it alone, find someone close to you who would also like to have this boudoir experience! 

Here's what the whole boudoir special includes - 
  • 20 minute session in a King Parlor Suite 
  • Magazine-style editing and retouching to make you look your absolute hottest 
  • 10 fully retouched and edited high resolution images on disc 
  •  A framed 5x7 print of one of your images, all ready to gift (or keep!)
  • Full print release rights to all of your finished images 
  • Chilled champagne & strawberries served in the suite...just to make you feel even more fabulous :)
  • Boudoir tips & tricks sheet sent to you before your session, plus a full questionnaire 
  • All taxes and hotel suite costs already included! 

SPACES ARE LIMITED, I'll only be booking a very limited number of these sessions! All ladies booking this special will receive even more details on how to make the most of your session (and look the sexiest in your photos) via email. :) Please email to book your session! :) 


Friday, July 26, 2013

I suck at blogging.

It's July. My last post was in December. I. Suck. At. Blogging. But I had a baby in January! Cut me some slack! ;)

So far this year has been ahhhmaaaaziiiiing! As I mentioned before, my husband, pup and I welcomed our first babe in January. He's pretty fantastic. Here's a picture of him. It's his Zoolander look.

He started off our 2013 with so much awesomeness, and the awesomeness has just continued! We've done 6 weddings so far, countless child & family sessions, several newborn sessions, a few fabulous engagement sessions for upcoming brides & grooms and so much more! We've met tons of new clients and seen the return of many of last year's (and the year before's) clients. Also, I decided to stop teaching and do only photography, because it allows me to stay home with the kid in the pic right above. And how could I say no to that? I miss my students and my co-teachers like CRAZY, but I still visit and keep up with them. :) 

I won't babble on and on! Instead, I'll just leave you with some of my favorite photos taken so far this year. This is just a tiny FRACTION of them--the ones handy and readily available on my desktop--so check out my Facebook page to see lots more! 

...and those are just A FEW. :) Thanks for checking out the blog and if you know anyone looking for a great, affordable photographer, please send them my way! I'll leave you with another pic of my cute kid to brighten your day a bit more. ;) KBP OUT! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Goodness gracious, it's been TWO MONTHS since our last blog post...sorry, blogsirs and blogettes! We have been crazy busy (which is crazy awesome) and the blog has fallen to the wayside. So here we go!

If you couldn't tell by the 105-degree-temperatures, we are in the dog days of summer. With that, we've caught lots of summer lovin'...families, newborns, couples-in-love and two very beautiful June weddings...and we have loved every minute of it! Here is just a teeny bit of what's been keeping us so busy lately. Enjoy! :)

And this isn't even all of them...Becky & Shawn's wedding is already on my other hard drive for storage, so I couldn't include one from theirs, but it was amazing! I am so thankful for so many amazing brides and clients...what a blessing. Speaking of blessings, if you didn't hear already--KBP is pregnant! Here is a photo of our little love nugget (it's a little fuzzy, but you get it):

We are SO EXCITED for this new adventure. With a Valentine's Day due date, we can't wait to meet our little Valentine!

Thanks for keeping us busy, busy, busy! :)

Happy Summer!


Friday, May 4, 2012

He asked, she said yes (and I took pictures)!

Today I photographed one of my favorite "sessions" ever.

I shot it while I was crouched on the ground.
Behind a car.
In the rain.

Super-duper-stealthy-007-Magnum PI-ninja-style.

And only one of my subjects knew they were being photographed.

This morning, one of our very good friends proposed to one of our other very good friends. I love (lovelovelove) this couple...Sara and Larry are just wonderful in every way. They're fun, light-hearted, energetic, and hilarious!

So when Larry messaged me about capturing this special moment, I was all in and super stoked! Despite curious neighbors (who, thank goodness, didn't call the police on me), dark clouds and ominous thunder, plus a very nervous and pacing Larry, the proposal was a success--because Sara said YES!

Here are a few photos of their very special, super sweet engagement! Enjoy :)

Larry was SUPER nervous right about now, but he was all smiles. He showed me the ring and asked (probably no less than five times), "What do you think? Is it good? Do you think she'll like it?" Are you kidding?! Take a look at that bling, folks! Larry did a great job. It's a beautiful ring for a beautiful girl.

One super sweet thing about this was that, in trying to plan his proposal, Larry really wanted to find a way to 1. Catch Sara off guard, and 2. Include their dog, Gracie. Sara is a huge dog lover and Grace-face is her baby. I love Gracie in this picture, sharing in her mom and dad's special moment! Also, when Larry pulled the ring out and went down on one knee, Sara goes, "What are you doing? LARRY! Oh my God!" It was priceless.

Just a great shot showing the laughter shared in this special couple! Sara kept staring at her ring, hugging Larry and saying, "I'm just so happy right now! I love you. Look at my ring! I love you!"

And we'll end it with this great shot. Happy engagement day to a truly awesome couple. Here's to a life full of laughter!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I've been shooting quite a few boudoir sessions lately and I thought I might take a minute and blog-it-up on the topic of the steamiest photography session available at KBP! Get ready to hear about feminine beauty and nakey booties. All in a day's work!

First, I think there's a little bit of a stigma surrounding the concept of a boudoir session...for some people. While there are photographers out there who need to tone-down-the-dirty-if-you-know-what-I-mean, KBP keeps it classy, y'all. The photos produced from our boudoir sessions are beautiful and sexy, romantic and steamy. I make sure my subjects look like they could rock the runway all the while showing off their teasingly suggestive bedroom eyes. I help them with outfit choices and props, location setups and lighting, and walk them through their session with the poses that will make them look drop dead gorgeous. 

My clients have a few packages to choose from and can choose for me to custom design them a Sexy Little Black Book, displaying the best pics from their steamy session. Regardless of which package they choose, they end up with the disc full of their beautifully retouched images AND full printing rights. Score!

And here's what no one talks about: the sessions are SO FUN! I know because I've been on both sides of the camera. My clients spend their session prancing around in their underoos (and yes, they're still underoos to me, even if they're black and lacy. lol), laughing, joking around, and having great conversation with me. As I snap pictures, I tend to say things like, "YES. Gorgeous! Sexy, love it! Oh, he's gonna LOVE THAT." You may be half naked in front of an almost-stranger, but you'll be having a good time and feeling great about yourself. Especially when you see how amazingly, stunningly sexy you look.

The photos from boudoir sessions make a GREAT gift for the lover (ooolala!) in your life but they're a gift for you, too! Take a look at the rest of just a TEENY sneaky peeky of pics from just a couple of the boudoir sessions I've done. Enjoy!, but not too much. Hee.

BTW--these pics were used with permission. I would NEVER use your private boudoir pics without asking first! :)

These pics are from two of my very first boudoir sessions. Since then I've gotten better equipment and lighting...but I still think these are some kick-butt photos of these GORGEOUS ladies. :) 

 Both of these ladies booked sessions as surprise gifts for their soon-to-be-hubbies. The gorgeous girl shown above has a Scottish husband, and she secretly borrowed his kilt to wear in the session. What a cute idea! LOVED IT. 

And on THAT note, KBP out! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vote now!

...and help me decide on an anniversary gift for my hubby-dub-dub! 

See, my one year wedding anniversary is coming up, very soon. And, since it's the "Paper Anniversary"--and since my husband loves wall art as much as I do--I thought I'd get crafty (cue Beastie Boys). I used some of our gorgeous wedding photos (thank you, SjMacky!) to create a couple of customized pieces of wall art. 

Now, I'm no graphic artist but I think they turned out cute, and I love all three, so I need YOUR help deciding which to print and frame for my hubster. They feature the same theme/quote but different take a look-see and then head to my Facebook page to vote! Simply cast your vote on my wall, telling me if you like Picture 1, Picture 2 or Picture 3. If you wanna. :) 

Picture 1

                                                                             Picture 2

                                                                               Picture 3

Thanks for viewing, and Happy Tuesday, y'all!